Time to act

So, that’s it. The United States of America elected Donald J. Trump president. A sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic and, lets name it, fascistic narcissist that doesn’t seem to believe in facts or reason will become President of the United States. And he will have a somewhat majority in both houses. Not all of the GOP members of the Congress are supporters of President Trump right now, but it is unfortunately very likely that this will change rather soon. Lets hope that at least some of them will rather group around their conservative but democratic convictions than around „their“ president.

Nonetheless this WILL change the world we live in – for Americans and, lets face it, for us as well. Tonight we lost (at least for the next two years) no more and no less than a important stronghold for western liberal democracies.

This is not the end of the world and it’s for sure not the end of western democracy. And it’s for sure not the end of the democracy in the United States. If we learned one thing in the past its that the democracy in the United States is stronger than the most of us Europeans would ever assume. But this is a important backslash for the liberal democracies and the open(-minded) and liberal world we live in. Without that stronghold and with more and more goverments turning their back on open, tolerant and liberal democracy its now up to us to keep the flag of liberal democracy flying.

Its up to us now to defend our way of life not just at the ballot, but even more actively. We can’t change or influence what happens in the US, but we can do so here back home. We can oppose sexism, we can oppose xenophobia, we can oppose homophobia, we can oppose islamophobia, we can fight facism in our everyday life. We can fight for and form the world we want to live in. How to do that? Get out there and make your voice heard. Engage in initiatives and even in political parties. We have to participate, not just consume.

That’s why I personally decided to use this as a wake up call and participate and actually join a democratic party today. And I would strongly suggest all of you to do the same. Let’s fight back, let’s actively form the world we live in.

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